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Last summer I bought a beautiful antic rug and I was devastated when my friend came, unannounced with her dog, who peed all over my gorgeous oriental rug. Fortunately, I didn't waste much time. The longer you wait, the harder is to rid of the stains. Sunbird Cleaning Services sent a nice man who took the rug and returned it to me the next day. They removed the stains and got rid of the bad odor. The rug came back fresh and clean, like nothing ever happened. I don't really know how they did it. They took the time and explained me exactly how the cleaning process went, the products which they used, etc. The truth be told, I haven't quite figure it out, but it doesn't really matter, as long as my rug is cleaned again. It is just too precious to throw away.

Phoebe Benes (May, 2012)


When I moved in, the tiles in my kitchen and bathroom looked amazing. Couple of years went by and I've noticed their color had faded and the grout didn't look so good either. I blame myself for not taking good enough care of them. Then, I tried cleaning them myself and failed. Replacing them was not an option for me, it is simply too expensive. Calling a professional service was my last resort. It is not the case anymore. Sunbird Cleaning Services proved me wrong. They preformed their tile cleaning and grout sealing and my bathroom and kitchen looked entirely different. It now looks exactly how I wish it to be. They gave me some important tips of how to clean tiles and grout, to preserve their natural appearance. For now on I will definitely clean my tile on a weekly basis.

Carrie Barone (Apr, 2012)


I have a lovely hardwood floor in my house and I would like to keep it shines all year long. I don't know much about polishing or sanding wood floors. I also work long hours and frankly I don't have the time for it. I also know that with the wrong treatment, you can even do more harm than good. With my experience, wood expands when you use too much water to clean it. Sunbird Cleaning Services is the reason why I don't have to worry about it. I call them every 12 to 18 months and they scrub the floor until it sparkles. You sure get your money worth with these guys. When it comes to hardwood floors, I trust them more than I trust my wife, to get the job done.

Doug Ericson (Feb, 2012)


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