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Carpet Cleaning in Concord NC

Welcome to Sunbird Cleaning Services - exemplary environmental friendly and professional service. We offer carpet cleaning services including: steam cleaning, dry cleaning and so much more, at affordable prices. Whether you want to remove an annoying stain from an expensive Oriental rug, or perform damage control to areas of carpet, we handle everything with care and precision they deserve.

Carpet Cleaning Service

The choice of carpet cleaning service, more or less, depends on reputation and quality of the methods it uses. Sunbird Cleaning Services have a reputation that has been built over years of dedicated and high quality work. We use Eco-friendly cleaners, reducing our contribution to air pollution and environment hazards. Our innovated service finds a solution to all your stain and dirt problems.

Sunbird Cleaning Services reliable and friendly staff is expert in removing dirt and stubborn stains. We understand what the client needs and make it happens. We are proud to be among the leaders in promoting green cleaning service across the nation.

Sunbird Cleaning Services do not charge exorbitantly. We draw up a free estimate based on the type of the carpet, his stains and the method of cleaning. We customize our service according to your budget and requirements. We do our job diligently, with complete devotion and professionalism. We are certain you will find your long term cleaning service with us.

A winning combination of speed, quality and service allow us to give our 100% attention to our clients and job. Contact us at 704-209-9333 for a free estimate and learn more about Sunbird Cleaning Services services.

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